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5 Adorable Cats That Are Famous On The Internet

5 Adorable Cats That Are Famous On The Internet

Let’s face it – the Internet has become the new pathway to fame in the 21st century.

Forget oldschool avenues like films and TVs and podcasts (though those certainly still are tried and true means of garnering popularity-); nowadays, it feels like all you have to do to make it big in this world is trend on the Internet for a short amount of time, and people will remember your face for the years to come.

Internet fame, however, does tend to be more capricious than oldschool popularity; flaring up like a bonfire one day and then dying out in a gust on another. Still, there have been a plethora of people who have unintentionally found fame on the Internet and are still regularly discussed or used in regular conversations today; whether this be through platforms like YouTube or Instagram, or even odd memes that circulate the web. With so many people having access to Internet services like Time 100mbps, it’s become incredibly easy for things to propagate over large distances; saturating the globe with their known-ness.

It’s no surprise that, in this age of sudden Internet fame, that this would also extend itself to cats. Time broadband package Malaysia have been a staple feature of the Internet for years; with people openly sharing their adoration for these adorable fuzzy creatures on their page and circulating memes about particularly funny looking cats.

So if you’re curious as to which ones have had a taste of that impetuous Internet fame, both fictional and otherwise, here are 5 adorable cats that are (or have been) famous on the Internet!

1. Nyan Cat

Who on the Internet hasn’t heard of Nyan Cat? This adorable, pop-tart clad grey kitten first dominated the Internet around the early 2010s, with people everywhere sharing and talking about this strange kitty and the even stranger video from where it originated. Nyan Cat is distinct in it’s pink pop-tart body and blushy cheeks, and is even more distinct in it’s video wherein it soars through space, leaving a trail of rainbows, as a catchy song loops repeatedly in the background.

2. Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat is yet another Internet-famous cat who everyone loves and adores. A real cat from America named Tardar Sauce (a play on ‘Tartar sauce’), ‘Grumpy Cat’ was given her Internet alias from her distinctive, grumpy-looking appearance; with a default frowny mouth and slanted eyes that made her always look particularly displeased. Despite the imposing appearance, Grumpy Cat garnered tons of love from the Internet as people used her unamused expression for reaction images and memes; rocketing Tardar Sauce’s face to pretty much global fame.

Unfortunately, Tardar Sauce died in 2019 at the age of 7 due to health complications, and once the news broke online, people all over the world began posting tributes and publicly mourning the passing of this incredible, Internet famous kitty.

3. Bongo Cat

Bongo Cat is a more recent fictional Internet cat to have made waves across the web; gaining prominence in the early months of 2020. This kitty originated from a famous Internet gif-turned-meme, wherein a cartoon, chubby white cat with dot eyes and a feline smile repeatedly slapped two realistic bongos with it’s paws. Bongo Cat soon saw widespread Internet popularity due to it’s cuteness and the strange satisfaction of seeing an adorable kitty slap bongos repeatedly, and soon it had shifted away from simple gifs to full-scale YouTube music videos, and even a web game accessible via

4. Knife Cat

Knife Cat is a very funny image of an unknown white cat, who was previously more widely known by ‘Smug Cat’ due to it’s upturned face, squinty eyes, and particularly smug looking smirk; making it look like it’s condescendingly looking down on you. If Smug Cat wasn’t famous enough, somewhere along the line the image from where it originated was edited to include a photoshopped hand holding a knife; making Smug Cat look even more smug in the face of danger and rocketing it’s fame further into ‘Knife Cat’.

Since then, Knife Cat has become an Internet meme phenomenon; with most people using the image as a reaction picture or a joke online and photoshopping even more knives to it. It might sound a little odd, but there is something incredibly funny about seeing a cat so openly blase about an imminent knife threat – almost as if it were laughing in the face of God itself.