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5 Advantages of Buying Vegetables in Ecommerce when New Normal with Various Special Offers

Entering the new normal period, people are slowly starting to be able to carry out activities outside the home, but still have to carry out the existing standard health protocols. In the transitional stage of entering the new normal period, people are still advised to keep their distance in public places and stay at home if there is no urgent need. 

Physical restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have changed people’s shopping patterns from conventional to online, including daily foodstuffs. Online shopping is still the main alternative and solution to meet daily needs.

Daily necessities such as fresh products such as vegetables, fruits and other foodstuffs are still much needed by the community during this pandemic and some people buy these fresh products by online platforms to stop the spread of the coronavirus.  

The advantages of buying vegetables online

What are the advantages of buying vegetables, fruit and other healthy food ingredients online? Here are some of the benefits: 

1. Just click

Shopping is fast and accessible. Simply by clicking the online application and visiting Fruits OnGrocer Malaysia, users can quickly and easily shop for various choices of vegetables and fruits that are needed.

2. Fast and guaranteed delivery

Users do not need to worry about shipping, the same day fresh vegetable delivery Malaysia options are available for several areas so that the shipping process can also be handled more quickly and safely.

3. The best quality and freshness is maintained

Users can buy fresh vegetable delivery Malaysia and fruit easily and have guaranteed quality and freshness, because they have set special standards, starting from sorting, storage, packaging, to shipping.

4. A wide variety of vegetables and fruits and other healthy foods

Not only provides a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits, Fruits OnGrocer Malaysia also provides various other healthy food products according to people’s needs, ranging from carbohydrate sources, protein sources such as fish, or choices of derivative products such as eggs, milk, cooking oil and cheese.

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5. Complete payment methods and various special promos available

The wide selection of payment methods available online is also one of the reasons it is easy to buy vegetable and fruit products at Fruits OnGrocer Malaysia, starting from an online money transfer system, bank transfers, credit cards with Visa and Mastercard logos, and virtual bank accounts. In addition, users can also get various special promos with attractive offers such as discounts of up to 50% and additional discount vouchers.

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