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Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports

To train graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences highly competent in the prescription and management of physical activity, applying exercise science with ethics, responsibility and efficiency in terms of physical education, sports training, sports management and promotion of physical activity for health, providing a professional and quality service at the different hierarchical levels of an institution of a public or private nature by working collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams, and even as autonomous, being agents of change in society, by generating strategies to promote an improvement in functional capacity, quality of life, physical performance of people, or management services contributing to the improvement of society.

General skills

1. Apply autonomous learning strategies at different levels and fields of knowledge that allow timely and pertinent decision-making in the personal, academic and professional fields.

2. Use the logical, formal, mathematical, iconic, verbal and non-verbal languages ​​according to their stage of life, to understand, interpret and express ideas, feelings, theories and currents of thought with an ecumenical approach.

3. Manage information and communication technologies as a tool for access to information and its transformation into knowledge, as well as for learning and collaborative work with cutting-edge techniques that allow constructive participation in society.

4. Mastering their mother tongue in oral and written form with correctness, relevance, opportunity and ethics, adapting their message to the situation or context, for the transmission of ideas and scientific findings.

5. Employ logical, critical, creative and purposeful thinking to analyze natural and social phenomena that allow them to make pertinent decisions in their sphere of influence with social responsibility.

6. Use a second language, preferably English, clearly and correctly to communicate in everyday, academic, professional and scientific contexts.

7. Prepare inter, multi and trans disciplinary academic and professional proposals according to the best world practices to promote and consolidate collaborative work.

8. Use traditional and avant-garde research methods and techniques for the development of their academic work, the exercise of their profession and the generation of knowledge.

Personal and social interaction skills

9. Maintain an attitude of commitment and respect towards the diversity of social and cultural practices that reaffirm the principle of integration in the local, national and international context in order to promote environments of peaceful coexistence.

10. Intervene in the local and global challenges of contemporary society with a critical attitude and human, academic and professional commitment to help consolidate general well-being and sustainable development.11. Practice the values ​​promoted by the diploma in sports studies Widad: truth, fairness, honesty, freedom, solidarity, respect for life and others, peace, respect for nature, integrity, ethical behavior and justice, in your personal and professional sphere to contribute to build a sustainable society.

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