Industrial Automation

Use a Light Tower for Your Construction Site

Light tower, be it industrial or mobile kind, has several advantages to be evaluated before you buy one. Some mobile light towers have wheels, but then there are those that can be linked to various automobiles for the transport. Albeit the variety of its sizes, all light towers need a rotatable electrical source or generator to power indicator lights perched at the top.

Advantages of Light Tower

Fast And Simple Set-Up And Transportation 

Mobile lighting towers can be taken to any location or office as the name implies. The freedom of movement of these towers offers a solution for obtaining lights in just a short time for a particular area. The portable light towers have the fastest lighting up to 8 acres of property, based on the capability of the tower, because they are easy to install. You will travel easily from one position to another, since they are on wheels.

Strong Thermal Efficiency

Many portable lighting towers, using the same amount of electricity, can produce even five times more illumination than the permanent light towers. This takes up to three minutes to achieve maximum power, but many compact tower lights have a 500 watt quartz fixture to supply the room with instant illumination as the main installations warm up. One advantage of the improved light power is reduction of the so-called dark spots. The fixed light towers typically generate spaces where little can be observed, which also leads to injuries. The mobile light towers do not produce dark spots, so have higher lighting rates.

The Additional Power Value

Another important benefit of mobile light towers is power source capacity. The need for extra equipment from another pump, if you have a mobile lighting box. Portable light towers often use less gasoline, an average of around 4 liters of gasoline per two hours of operation. While towers with portable lighting have many strengths, they are not too costly to purchase.