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Perfect Bandar Sri Damansara Condo For Rent

In section A you will find information about the owner, or co-ownership (individual shares of co-owners in the property are also defined), section B identifies the property including the parcel number, descriptive, and registration number. There are also areas, type, and method of land use, you will also find information about the housing unit.

  • Newly, you will find on section LV section B1, where the rights in rem serving the real estate are listed (e.g. easements that entitle the owner to something).
  • Section C provides information on restrictions on the right of ownership rights in rem encumbering the property such as pre-emption rights, liens, or encumbrances that the owner is required to bear.
  • Section D is used to record notes and other similar information, there are, for example, records of possible legal disputes over real estate or filed lawsuits.
  • Section E contains information on how the current owner acquired the property. There are records of the purchase or gift contract, etc.

In section F, you will find information on certified soil ecological units (BPEJ), which is information providing information on soil properties.

Follow the List

From the above list, it is clear that the real estate Bandar Sri Damansara condo for rent can tell you a lot about the purchased apartment (or real estate). Fortunately, we are already living in a time when viewing the real estate Bandar Sri Damansara condo for rent is possible online and free. On the website, you can generate a statement for the required real estate in the Viewing the Real Estate Cadastre tab and obtain basic information. 

However, if you want to have binding and complete information, which is divided into individual sections described above, you must obtain the original extract from the real estate bandar sri damansara condo for rent. You can also get it online for a fee, or physically, for example, at a Czech point branch, or directly at the cadastral office.


So you can find out basic information about the property very quickly. Can’t find the housing unit in the real estate bandar sri damansara condo for rent? This is definitely the first warning signal. Also, check-in LV whether you are really going to buy an apartment, or whether it is not another property, for example, non-residential space, or a share in a family house without further definition. Also, make sure that you are actually dealing with a real property owner. If the apartment is part of the SJM (joint property of the spouses), then the other spouse should always be present at the meeting.

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