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The appeal and non-appealing nature of MOBA video games

As video games become more complex, more video game companies take inspiration from popular games to create their own at a lesser scale. Take Dark Souls for example. When it was first published, it had set a standard of video games that it even got its own genre, “souls-like” to describe this video game is similar to Dark Souls, an open dungeon that features a stamina system and semi-immersive gameplay that makes you feel how it will be to fight in that game and punishes your deaths by forcing you to drop all your experience and certain status until you retrieve it. As punishing as it sounds, it has led to some other amazing video games such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Star Wars: Fallen Order, Darksiders 3 and many more. There is one genre, however, that has remained popular throughout the decade that video game companies are still creating games based on this genre, multiplayer online battle arenas, or MOBA for short.

Among the MOBA community, DOTA 2 and League of Legends are the most discussed and debated games for players to compare as these games have been around for almost two decades. Although League of Legends has been developed earlier DOTA 2, DOTA 2 has a longer history as it was originally a mod created in a game called World of Warcraft 3 featuring all of the heroes and villains in the game competing against each other. You can say that it is the father of MOBA games and it inspired many more gaming companies to create their own MOBA games with similar but slightly unique gameplay. One exception is Smite which is a third-person MOBA game that brought a completely new experience to the MOBA genre with only a handful of other MOBA games copying its gameplay, but did not become successful. Despite that, Smite is still not as popular as the aforementioned two internationally as there are not as many tournaments being held than DOTA 2 and League of Legends. Some people are willing to judi slot Malaysia will become the best MOBA game while some would concur and say League of Legends is. But honestly, it is up to the players to decide as long as they have fun with their friends.

Most video game communities are known to be toxic which is common in every game with people complaining about petty things or bragging their rankings making them feel entitled to berate lower ranking players. MOBA games are no exception but there are perhaps one of the most toxic communities among any game communities as players even at the lower rankings would constantly berate others or intentionally lose the game just to feel satisfaction for themselves. With their toxic nature, new players tend to be demotivated and would stop playing the game to avoid being exposed to the community and becoming toxic themselves. 

Although online multiplayer games may scare off newer players for its intense competitive environment, it becomes interesting when you learn about team coordination and item builds that would make your matches fresh and more fun as you slowly learn more about the mechanics and adapt to your situation.

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